Special Pieces from Sweet Souls

We feel that it is essential to give back to the community and show our support. We are always excited when a philanthropic opportunity comes our way, so when we were able to help out and get involved with Texas Foundation of Hope we were thrilled.

TXFH is an amazing non-profit corporation where special needs people can find work, acceptance, a means to express themselves, growth, and social activities. The volunteers involved with the program are non-disabled workers who serve as peer tutors, team leaders, friends and coworkers. In order to raise money to fund their program TXFH produces retail products to sell, and raise funds through special project, grants, donations etc. They have big goals and ideas to make their organization benefit as many people as possible. In the future they’re hoping to build a sports complex for these special individuals, as well as a summer Beadscamp. We love the idea of showing acceptance and compassion to these special individuals so
they can prosper as adults and feel everyone’s support.

We are so excited to support this cause and help them fundraise by selling some of their retail
merchandise in our store. They have given us some beautifully handcrafted, beaded delights, that fit any unique style to sell in support of their organization. They make for beautiful home accessories for indoor or outdoor use. These charming accessories are also great for gifts ideas, sure to brighten up anyone’s day. Your friends and family will be proud to know they are helping to support a noble and worthy cause!

From Rubbish to Ravishing

Here it is, a true rag to riches story, from geek to chic, from dust to lush…okay you get the point.

high back chair (originally)So you were walking through an adorable and quaint small town just sipping on your mid-morning macchiato as you casually wonder into a local antique shop. Perusing around you come across the most beautifully crafted, rustic chair. To anyone else this chair would look like an outdated, grungy piece of furniture, but you saw that it was gleaming with character and potential. So you decide to purchase it despite its exterior imperfections.

As you’re paying the antique shop owner recommends a magical place called Iva Style. You take the advice and your chair and go straight over to Iva Style. You walk in and explain your predicament to the wonderfully helpful staff and they open your eyes to a cornucopia of options that you never knew you had. They start talking to you about numerous fabric options you could use, different finishes high back chair (after)they could apply to your chair and other impeccable details. The options were endless and you were excited to make this special piece of furniture coincide with your personal taste, style and home.

Iva St
yle got to work on your chair and when it was ready for pick up you could not believe your eyes…They had taken something completely worn and torn and made it totally reborn! Your new and improved chair was drop dead gorgeous with new fabric and finish, and you couldn’t wait to add your new beautiful throne to your home office. Iva style brought out every ounce of your old chairs potential and then some!

Hands for Change: Finger Puppets for Good

We are so proud to offer San Antonio shoppers the opportunity to make purchases that reuse, repurpose and support sustainability… here in Texas and around the world. We live for the special little things that make the world a better place, and one particular item we carry is especially near and dear to our hearts.

Bowl of Finger Puppets Hands for Change offers people in Peru the opportunity to earn a living through their craftsmanship and hard work, and offers the opportunity to better the future for the nation’s under-educated and impoverished children. A little more about Hands for Change from their website…

“How can we really make a difference? What is the root of the problem? Giving a nickel here and handing out a meal there, how will this really make a significant difference for the future?” 

We needed a way that we could feel involved, but also a way in which we could include others in the mission. After much thought and many conversations we decided that one of the best times to make a change is in the beginnings of a child’s development.  Both educationally and socially this typically begins in the classroom.  So we were determined to find a way in which we could give to the enhancement and evolution of the educational processes. 

Dalmatian Finger PuppetThe thought of simply raising money went further when we asked, “Is there a way to raise money while at the same time helping the country even further?” The answer was to find a Peruvian product or service that could be sold or given in exchange for other needed items and money. 

Click here to read more!

How wonderful is that?! And we are especially proud to carry their line of fun finger puppets! These little cute puppets are great for kids, and the kid in all of us. We have quite a few more products that benefit the world at large, and we’ll post more about them soon. So check back often!

Walking in Style : Handmade Headbands

You have a flair for style in everything you do and are, including how you dress. We like that. You like to look like you stepped out of a magazine without looking like everyone else. We like that too. So, where do you get the accessories to complement your style? We’re sure you get these perfect pieces from places that don’t sell “style” in bulk.

BureauWith a new movement of peace, love and all things good, we have had quite the demand for these darling headbands. We absolutely love the fun and flirty feel they add to any outfit. They are all handmade, stich by stitch embroidered, so no two headbands are the same. And since they come in an assortment of bold, vibrant colors, you’ll find the perfect match for your favorite outfit.

We have a passion for those little things that take the usual and make it special, and we’ll post more about the special pieces you can use to style more than your home.

Decorative Wreaths – A year round thing!

Custom Decorative Wreaths in San AntonioDon’t limit your wreath hanging to the holiday seasons; treat yourself (or a friend) to one of Iva Style’s hand-made ornamental wreaths. Doesn’t your door deserve one?

These stylish wreaths are perfect for the summer months, and add a welcoming, warm element to wherever you may hang it.

And they aren’t limited to just your front door. Iva Style’s custom wreaths make a great display for wherever you decide is the perfect place. Give your home that accent piece that it’s been missing, come in and check out our wreaths today!

Dog Portraits : Capture the Spirit of Your Pooch

Dog Painting - OriginalIt’s common knowledge, San Antonio dog owners love their pets like part of the family. So isn’t it only right that
your special puppy gets his or her own hand painted portrait by Donna Rollo (the creative mind behind Iva Style.)

Donna’s creative talent is limited to no art form, but by-gosh she really has a niche for giving your perfect pet the perfect painting. Donna doesn’t just strive for a photo likeness of your dog; she strives to capture the pet’s true personality with her talented brush strokes.

So get the word out to San Antonio dog owners and art junkies alike: Iva style wants you to bring in your dog for his or her own hand painted portrait! If bringing your dog in to Iva Style isn’t the best plan for you, send in a photo, and Donna will paint you a copy!

These paintings make great gifts, and even better keepsakes, so contact Iva style today about yours.

Dog Painting - Painting