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Dog Portraits : Capture the Spirit of Your Pooch

Dog Painting - OriginalIt’s common knowledge, San Antonio dog owners love their pets like part of the family. So isn’t it only right that
your special puppy gets his or her own hand painted portrait by Donna Rollo (the creative mind behind Iva Style.)

Donna’s creative talent is limited to no art form, but by-gosh she really has a niche for giving your perfect pet the perfect painting. Donna doesn’t just strive for a photo likeness of your dog; she strives to capture the pet’s true personality with her talented brush strokes.

So get the word out to San Antonio dog owners and art junkies alike: Iva style wants you to bring in your dog for his or her own hand painted portrait! If bringing your dog in to Iva Style isn’t the best plan for you, send in a photo, and Donna will paint you a copy!

These paintings make great gifts, and even better keepsakes, so contact Iva style today about yours.

Dog Painting - Painting