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Home décor in San Antonio is about more than just about paint on the walls and matching furniture. It’s about brining life to a space, so it inspires you every time your take it in. In a big city like ours, you’ll find plenty of accent pieces from big name stores, but does a copy that hundreds of others have in their home really show off your style? Of course not! Iva Style believes that home décor that shows off your personal flair, which is why all of the pieces you’ll find in our store are as unique as you.

We hand-make one-of-a-kind pieces for decorating your home. everything from custom furniture, to decorative crafted pieces to textile pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Give your living space the flair it deserves. Find the piece that fits in just right, or the one that stands out the best with the beautiful pieces we offer.

We have a great and ever growing selection of custom furniture selection for to fit your wants and needs. Choose from thousands of fabric samples for that custom finish to your furniture you’ve been waiting for. Custom bedding, window treatments and other décor elements are all possible when you find a fabric you can’t live without. Then add the perfect finishes and art pieces to tie it all together. Decorative chandeliers, baskets, vases and pillows; as well as statues, ceramics, and paintings are some of the tie in décor pieces you will find here at Iva Style. Our stock is constantly changing, and here at Iva Style, we are never shy of a custom creative job.

When you live in this city you know the importance of individuality and personal style. This is why Iva Style works hard to make home décor in San Antonio tasteful, wistful and beautiful.

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